Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sony VAIO E 14P - new laptop with functionality Kinect

                      This spring, the new Sony VAIO  E 14P laptop with 14-inch screen, anyone can show your own style.

                            At home, on campus and in the cafeteria a new series of VAIO E stands out fine, "portfolio" style. Three fresh colors - white, black and pink - are complemented by colorful decorations on the rim, lid, trackpad and keyboard of the new laptop. Further increases the attractiveness of the appearance of aluminum speaker frame.
                           The keyboard has a conveniently located, isolated keys, and its lights - activated by the ambient light sensor - enables error-free writing, even late in the evening. The same sensor reduces the screen brightness to reduce energy use in low light.

                        The large trackpad gesture support allows you to click on the large surface area and allows for intuitive, "bezprzyciskową" service. So there is no shortage of web pages to view or edit their photos using gestures such as scrolling, pinch, zoom and rotate.
                       New to the VAIO is support for gestures, through which you can perform some operations with intuitive hand movements. For example, placing a hand in front of a webcam and moving it left or right, you can flip through web pages or pictures in the gallery. Dragging his hand down the music stops, and the rotation will increase or decrease the volume. Gesture support is now available in Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer 9, PowerPoint, and PowerDVD.

                       Built-in camera with Exmor HD improves image quality during video calls. Friends and relatives will appreciate the better mapped detail, greater contrast and richer colors - even in low light conditions where other cameras produce only grainy and blurred vision.
                       Designers Series VAIO E 14P made sure that good looks were complemented by clear audio. Sony's unique technologies and Clear Phase xLOUD increase the sound volume without distortion, which translates into an impressive sound movies and games. You can also enable Dolby Home Theatre V4, which will provide a rich, cinematic sound, both in listening to the built-in speakers and through headphones or external speakers.

                                Hybrid graphics system uses a dedicated graphics processor for applications with significant complexity, such as games, viewing movies and editing photos. For less demanding tasks the processor is turned off, which increases battery life. To extend the working time also contributes to the effective display VAIO and low-power processors, as well as a built-in optical drive, which is in standby mode at all does not drain.
                              With the new Rapid Wake + Eco, the computer instantly ready for action. This energy-saving mode switches your VAIO in deep sleep mode. The machine consumes the least energy, so it can remain in this mode for up to 10 days. But it is enough to open the computer cover, in a few seconds, all files and applications have been restored to its state before sleep.
                              The new series of laptops VAIO E 14P will be available in white, black and pink.

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