Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Toshiba Satellite P8 - refreshed line of laptops

                            A new P8 series of notebooks will include  models equipped with the latest generation of Intel processors and Nvidia's new graphics.

                        A new family of "satellites" will debut in the second quarter of 2012, as soon as the market will be the latest generation of Intel processors - Ivy Bridge, produced in 22-nanometer process. Series will consist of two notebook-sized 15.6-inch (P850, P855) and two 17.6-inch models (P870, P875).

                       In addition to the new Intel chips, Toshiba assemble in their notebooks Nvidia graphics with GeForce 600M, HD screens with LED backlighting, HDMI, wireless image transfer technology, Wi-Di, speakers, harman / kardon, as well as hard drives up to 1TB, optional 8-gigabyte SSD drive into the system, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0. Model P855 also has a display 3D images without the use of stereoscopic glasses.

                     Toshiba's new laptop prices we do not know.

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