Friday, May 25, 2012

Gigabyte X11 -on May 31 will be primere of the lightest notebook on Earth

                        Gigabyte boasts all and sundry that May 31 will showcase the world's lightest notebook in its history.

                          A few days before the Computex electronics trade show, which will be held in early June in Taipei, the company has Gigabyte shows its new notebook. X11 model designation is to be the lightest laptop on Earth, which is pretty bold statement, considering the extremely light competition. For example, 13.3-inch notebook from NEC Lavie Ultrabook weighs just 998 grams. But we will wait impatiently for the launch of Gigabyte X11 because of the Taiwanese notebook certainly has a much better chance to appear on the Polish market, than a proposal to NEC.

                         Soon we will know whether the new Gigabyte laptop will actually be the lightest in the world.

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