Sunday, December 18, 2011

U53SD Asus Bamboo - Bamboo notebook ecological

           New  laptop U53SD certified carbon neutrality gained PAS 2060:2010. Certification means that U53SD notebook is the first in the world characterized by a zero-emission coal in the whole production cycle. Asus is the first manufacturer who managed to meet the requirements for companies striving for a PAS 2060:10 - boasts a Taiwanese company.

                      In 2009, ASUS has developed the first new laptop that has been granted a certificate of limited carbon footprint. Since then, the company implements a strategy for reducing carbon emissions, combining the implementation of the Integrated Product Policy of the European Commission with the idea of ​​creating environment-friendly devices - we can read in the press release producer.

                The company ensures that examined the accuracy with which governs the emission of carbon footprint, which is the result of human activity. Based on the analysis carried out by experts have developed a comprehensive plan to reduce carbon emissions, to achieve carbon neutrality, without increasing the level of net global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. One of the actions leading to this goal was to reduce the carbon footprint notebook U53SD by 10 percent through the use of bamboo instead of plastic in the housing element, and to develop technologies and software that helps save energy.

              In the case of the new Bamboo Series notebook uses bamboo instead of plastic that found in most mobile computers. Bamboo was a delicate treatment to maintain its appearance and texture, which makes the computer has a warm, natural texture. Bamboo Series Notebook uses smart technology Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which reduces power consumption by up to 20 percent. The packaging of Bamboo series notebook uses 100 percent natural and recyclable paper and bamboo fleece, which further reduces the negative impact on the environment.

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