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Asus UX31 - a style, zen and excellence

Ultrabooks first generation are available in the market for quite some time. Is the borrower the best features of a series of MacBook Air, the new laptop Asus UX31 is a worthy rival to Apple's products? Answer the following text.

            Any computer that wants to pretend to be ultrabook must meet some basic conditions. Intel-based selection is a highly restrictive censors - all ultrabooks must be slender (up to about 20 mm thick), light (no more than 1.7 pounds), well-made (housing with high quality materials), fast start up and wake up from sleep . So in theory, however, because none of the currently marketed ultrabooks is not ideal. The closest of the name is undoubtedly Asus UX31, or 13-inch MacBook Air clone of Windows 7 on board.
Excellent ... copy?
             Imitation is supposedly the highest form of recognition. Guided by this principle, the Asus designers decided not to dress in plant and in its premiere ultrabook used a lot of solutions straight from the family of ultra-thin Apple. However, Taiwan does not have to worry about another war in the patent, because the whole family Zenbook resemblance to the MacBook Air, has received its own identity. The new laptop Asus UX31 has dimensions of 325 to 223 of 3-17 mm and weighs only 1.3 kg. The hardware is almost entirely made of brushed aluminum and coated with ventilation  beryllium alloy, heat is distributed evenly. As a result, Zenbook stays cool even after several hours movie marathon.


         Solid ultrabook is wedge-shaped, and retains its elegant silhouette and predatory expression. Asus UX31 is definitely not a machine, next to where you can pass by. The quality of the materials is perfect - all the elements perfectly adhere to each other, nothing creaks and bends under the pressure point.
                13-inch Asus ultrabook provided with a set of communication ports on the MacBook Air which users can dream of. The computer has two USB ports - one from 2.0 and 3.0 interface, headphone jack, mini HDMI, mini DisplayPort, and thanks to the supplied with a special devices, ultrabook is connected to the Ethernet cable or a device with a full-sized VGA port. On board there were also a card reader SD / MMC module WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0. All this combined with the compact size makes ultrabook Asus is an ideal companion for longer and shorter trips, not just business.

 How does the Asus UX31 in a confrontation with another ultrabook - Toshiba Portege Z830?
Something for the eye, something for the ears
               Zenbook Series is not just a pretty package and ultra character. Taiwanese equipment was supplied in 13.3-inch glare-type matrix, which works in the native resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels. Such a density of points for clear, sharp and properly saturated color images. Color distortion does not occur in general practice, which affects the decent viewing angles. The new laptop is ideal for both office and field. Glossy surface of the screen in certain situations, however, can be a problem - it is impossible to avoid occasional reflections and mirror effect. This drawback, however, seems to be a small price to pay for great quality images.

        Asus has long been cooperating with the Danish company Bang & Olufsen, mounting speakers in their machines with an above average sound quality. Until it is surprising that in such a small portable computers (also present in the 11.6-inch models), Taiwanese manufacturer has managed to fit so good speakers. The impressive and resonant chambers to accelerate heartbeat bass of speech can not be, but the new laptop Asus UX31 and so beats most of the competition. With ICEpower technology implemented color and height of the sound generated is correct, and various types of noise and distortion almost absent. Ultrabook UX31 is the best sound quality available today on the market. Probably only the HP Envy 14 Spectre will be able to threaten him.

    Comfort and relaxation
         Each computer forming part of a series Zenbook insular equipped with a keyboard with large metal buttons. Distances between the keys are adequate, and the manufacturer also bothered by arrows from the separation of the central segment. This trifle much easier, especially non-visual writing, and also reduces the risk of errors in long texts. Due to limited space, the new laptop has no dedicated numeric section, but the other buttons are normal size. You can only complain about the lack of keyboard illumination - a machine with such parameters, it would be kind of icing on the cake.

                 Against the background of a great keyboard touchpad falls extremely pale. Touchpad is admittedly large, but its navigation by using a path through a veritable passion. Ratio for the finger moves the cursor position is fine, but the integration of tactile space mouse buttons proved to be a bad move. Ill is the type of material forming a trackpad - the Asus had expected more than covered with silver paint plastic.


            Specifications of  Asus UX31 shows that we have to do before all of the ultra-mobile machine. Tales of the fact that the low voltage ultrabooks of Sandy Bridge chips can run more advanced games, can be inserted easily between a fairy tale. The system hardware performance index scored at 5.7 points, and the weakest link, of course, turned out to be a graphics card (integrated Intel GMA HD 3000). Intel Core i5-2557M 1.7 GHz of clock speed can handle most tasks without error, and thanks to Turbo Boost 2.0 is possible to temporarily increase the clock up to 2.7 GHz. This unit also supports Hyper-Threading technology, allowing each processor core can handle two threads at the same time logical. The set also find 4 GB of RAM and a fast and silent SSD with 128 GB. Manages the whole pre-installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. The new laptop such as Zenbook is primarily used to work and maintain regular contact with the world. In this environment, UX31 feels like a fish in water. With built-in polymer battery with a capacity of 50 WHr computer stand away from the power supply up to 7 hours spent watching movies (when turned off WiFi module) - exactly as the manufacturer promises.

Zen in the machine

                 Zenbook Series from ASUS is a perfect combination of elegant ferocity of the harmony of Zen philosophy. As a mobile computer UX31 seems to work great, giving you full comfort and relaxing effective work of entertainment. The new laptop is very well made, has a great keyboard, excellent screen and great speakers. What's more, 13-inch version of Asus ultrabook in the basic configuration, you can have for about  $1200, what with still horrendous prices, MacBook Air is a great counterbalance to Apple products. Although Asus ultrabooks their future certainly will improve even more, UX31 is the best computer of this type on the market.
+ Excellent quality;
+ Bang & Olufsen speakers;
+ Quiet and cool operation;
+ Very good display;
+ Good battery life.
The Bad:
- Bad touch pad;
- No backlight keyboard.

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