Friday, January 20, 2012

Samsung Series 7G - now also with 3D screen

           Samsung unveiled a new version of the gaming laptop with a defiant display a yellow lid. The new laptop will offer an optional 3D display.  

                The recently completed CES 2012 was successful mainly for lovers ultrabooks and tablets. Major manufacturers of IT industry, however, do not forget the multitude of people with a passion for games. Samsung unveiled a new version of the 7G Series laptop that will appeal primarily to people who prefer bright colors gamingowych mobile computers.
      The new laptop has a yellow-graphite chassis and is powered by one of the quad-core Intel Core i7 (Sandy Bridge). The set will also find up to 16 GB of RAM, hard disk with a maximum capacity of 2 TB and a dedicated graphics chip from AMD Radeon or Nvidia GeForce.

    The new Samsung laptop has a 17.3-inch screen running at a native resolution of full HD, which can generate both 2D images and 3D. With the battery with a capacity of 5900 mAh, colossus stand as far away from a power outlet close to 2 hours, though rather clumsy body will not let you take the machine to the spring picnic.

      The new Samsung Series 7G in the basic version of the 2D screen will cost $ 1,799.


  1. What a machine and glad to hear of other options than HP or Dell.

    Will be great to know just how much junk they fill their machine with...HP seem obsesses with creating decent machines that they then cripple with stupid monitoring software.

    As my current one is slowly dying will have to keep this behemoth in mind


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