Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HP Spectre - new HP ultrabook?

            HP Spectre is the latest ultra-slim ultrabook, whose release can take place already at CES 2012.

               A new laptop may be the most fashionable word in the IT industry in 2012. Slim device with Windows, where the concept was proposed by Intel gather half a year ago mainly positive feedback. No wonder that every manufacturer wants to have in your portfolio at least one such machine.

               Extremely interesting ultrabook HP may occur during the coming CES in Las Vegas. Model of mysterious name Spectre might be a hit the first months of 2012, especially if the suggestion is confirmed that the derived it from the luxury Envy series.

                 A new laptop, HP will not know too much, it is not even clear which of the Intel processors will drive. But speculated that the Spectre is the thinnest of ultrabooks presented so far, and certainly will be a position much more exclusive than that presented in November HP Folio 13th

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