Thursday, January 5, 2012

Color Series Asus Eee PC Flare save netbooks?

         Eee PC Flare  is a new line of netbooks from Asus, which has to reach a wide audience. Premiere already devices at CES 2012.


              Although recently it has become a major ultrabooks of interest to the largest IT companies, many manufacturers do not intend to resign from other mobile computers. At CES 2012 Asus plans to introduce a completely new line of netbook - Eee PC Flare.


                The main advantage of machines are to be redesigned, colorful casing that thick line separating from the boring and outdated models of classic Seashell series. The materials used for high quality and attractive appearance make are that the Asus Eee PC  Flare will go to a wider audience.

                 In the first place in sales will probably netbooks with 12-inch screens, though knowing the Taiwanese politics, one would also expect a 10-inch machines. All puppies  Eee PC Flare will be based on Intel or AMD Cedar Trail Brazos.

                  Price of machinery has not been disclosed, although it is expected that the new  laptop will not be extremely expensive. Official presentation of the Eee PC  series of flare occurs in a few days in Las Vegas.

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