Sunday, June 10, 2012

Canonical ClamBook - and your smartphone becomes a laptop

                               Smartphone allows you to perform a call, checking email and the broader network operation. The laptop is useful for daily work and provides for most primary computer. And if these two gadgets together in one and enjoy the convenience of working with your laptop when using a smartphone?

                                   All kinds of hybrids and combine several gadgets into one rarely turn out to be functional and are gaining in popularity. A notable exception is the Asus Transformer Tablet series, which has the docking stations like netbooks with touch screen. Over interesting technology Canonical is also working to create Ubuntu for Android and making the smartphone turns into a kind of nettop with full desktop system. ClamBook seems to draw inspiration from both projects.


                                 ClamBook is extremely thin, lightweight and stylish accessory for the smartphone. It's actually a wide screen with 16:9 aspect ratio, the keyboard and the battery, which can connect the phone - both iPhone and Android thing. With this combination creates a slim laptop with Android or iOS on board, where you can work like on a normal computer. For this device can run much longer on the battery and charging your smartphone at work - while using its CPU and other resources.

                                 So far we do not know any details about the specifications and price of a new new laptop. Apparently ClamBook will be on sale this summer.

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