Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maingear Pulse 11 - a new gaming laptop

                         Pulse 11 is the latest gaming laptop of  American Maingear  company. What distinguishes it from its competitors is its compact size and 11-inch screen.

                        Laptops for gaming is the opinion of some hardcore PC-towców classic oxymoron. But not everyone shares this view, among the group of his opponents is also an American company, Maingear, which has just launched a new, ready to cope with the most demanding titles, 11.6-inch laptop Maingear Pulse 11

                       The new laptop comes with a really strong components. Under his hood can also find third-generation processor Core i5 or i7, GeForce GT 650M (2 GB DDR3), up to 16 GB of RAM (DDR3 1600MHz), the SSD with a capacity of 600GB and even typical for this kind of equipment ports: HDMI and USB. The whole works under Windows 7 from XP Home, Professional or Ultimate (64-Bit). First impression is swollen almost to capacity SSD drive and a very decent performance graphics.

                             The basic price of a new laptop Maingear Pulse 11 was set at 999 dollars., But for the most powerful configuration you will dearly pay extra.