Sunday, June 3, 2012

Panasonic Let's Note J10 - new laptop with Intel Core i7 just for the Japanese

                        Those wishing to have a really small laptop, while still providing good performance, have a relatively small selection. The more powerful equipment, with a better processor than the Intel Atom or AMD "Brazos", usually begins to appear on the size of 11.6 inches. Panasonic showed that in a small computer can mount even a Core i7.

                               The new laptop series  Let's Note J10 has a screen size of only 10.1 inches (and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels), and still houses a dual-core Core second generation ("Sandy Bridge") with TDP 35 W. In the basic version is i3-2350M, but your choices are also Core i5-2450m and Core i7-2640M. In addition, the new laptop can mount up to 8 GB of RAM (the basic capacity to 4 GB). In terms of storage media options are many, you can opt for a hard disk with a capacity of 320 GB or 1 TB, and if the need for greater productivity - at SSD 128 or 256 GB.

The new laptop features a full set of communication interfaces: one port USB 2.0 and 3.0, HDMI video output and D-sub mini jack two jacks (input and output sound), and memory card reader. There were plenty of Gigabit Ethernet controller with one RJ-45 jack, a Wi-Fi "n" and the WiMAX operating at speeds up to 28 Mb / s.

                           The standard battery is supposed to allow up to 8 hours of work (with optional SSD). After adding an additional battery pogrubiającego a new laptop computer stand 13 mm without loading up to 12 hours. Despite the very good performance and long battery life komputerek is lighter than the average netbook, because in the basic version weighs only 990 grams.

                          Could Let's Note J10 be the perfect mobile equipment? Without a doubt, yes, if not cosmic price. A basic version of the new laptop you need to pay 120 000 yen (about $ 1,500), and the strongest 270 thousand yen (about 3,300 dollars). Maybe another time ...

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