Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is Chinese fake MacBook Air with the latest Atom?

Shenzhen Technology Co, Ltd presents the 13-inch new laptop, which looks almost identical to the MacBook Air.

         The new laptop of yet unknown name, is to be a little smaller and lighter than Apple's original product. Instead, the Core i5, a Chinese company has placed in him yet unreleased Intel Atom N2800 processor clocked at 1.86 GHz based on the netbook platform  Cedar Trail. In addition, the device has 2 GB of RAM,
32G SSD hard disk, HDMI connector instead of Thunderbolt and  trackpad. It's also weaker battery that provides only 3.5 hours of continuous use.   It supports 1080P video playback.

Ports: USB, three in one card reader (SD/MMC/MS), earphone and microphone.

Ports on the right: RJ45, VGA switch, Mini HDMI, USB and power input.

 The back shell is made of metal.

The new laptop of Shenzhen Technology will hit the shelves in November, priced at 3,000 yuan.This gives the amount of approximately $ 470.

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