Thursday, November 24, 2011

Samsung Series 9 begins to rival the MacBook Air

        The new ultra-thin laptop Samsung 9 Series is a sleek, thin, light, and certainly is a competition for the MacBook Air. But it is better than him? In this regard, it could be argued. Series 9 was presented in January, and came to the market in March.


        Samsung's new laptop is available from 17th March. Already at first glance, this device has attracted interest. Like the MacBook Air, 13-inch laptop weighs only 9 series a little over 1.3 kg. It is a little thinner than a Mac laptop and has a 1.63 cm thick.

          In the U.S., the new Samsung Series 9 is priced at 1649 dollars. Windows 7 Home Premium or 1699 dollars. Windows 7 Professional. MacBook Air costs in 1599 dollars. of 259 GB of flash memory and 1299 dollars. with 128 GB.


        13-inch new laptop has a Korean company SSD with 128 GB. This is two times less than in comparable priced MacBook Air. Samsung has twice the RAM (4GB versus 2GB MacBook). A broader comparison of the parameters shown in the table.


         Series 9, like the MacBook Air, it also has a smaller, 11-inch brother, who will appear in April. It will include an Intel Core i3 380UM, 2GB of RAM, 64 GB SSD drive and a screen resolution of 1366x768 LED-backlit.


        So thin new laptops are built to affluent buyers who want to pay extra for style. Another rival MacBook, the Dell Adamo, but suffered no success. Maybe a Series 9 notebooks will go better.

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