Monday, November 21, 2011

Sony Vaio Z21 - new Japanese ultrabook

              Sony Vaio Z21 is a new laptop, what the market has not  seen yet - a lightweight, stylish, and in addition very efficient. Is it worth to be an elegant Japanese magic? The answer can be found in the following test.

            "MacBook-killer" is a rather hackneyed phrase in the mobile computing industry. At one time this name was determined ultrathin virtually any device that can take the rivalry with the famous Apple laptop. On the rising wave of popularity ultrabooks, the term has become a kind of archaism, of which few people now remember. And yet before the world even heard about the Asus Zenbook or S3 Acer Aspire, Sony showcased their alternative to the thinnest in the portfolio of the giant machines from Cupertino. The Japanese are not without reason did not rush to the disclosure of their own ultrabook. Sony Vaio Z21 is a slim new laptop business, which many a larger competitor ashamed performance and mobility.

Ultra-performance or ultra-humbug?
                 Representative of the featherweight Sony has strong components enclosed in an extremely durable, lightweight and stylish design. The equipment is based on Sandy Bridge processor platform, and on the USA market, you can get it in two standard configurations. Unfortunately, none of them is available for the average Smith, since the prices are fixed devices respectively at $ 1,949 (VPC-Z21AGX / B) and $ 4,499 (VPC-Z21SHX / X). For what Sony tells us to pay you enough?

              Certainly not for the extraordinary components. Cheaper model is driven by a dual-core Intel Core i5-2410M with clock clock closing in the range 2.3-2.9 GHz (the second value is available in Turbo Boost mode), supported by 4 GB of DDR3 RAM. For storing data corresponding to the SSD with a capacity of 128 GB, and graphics experience are the domain of the integrated Intel GMA HD 3000th Manages the whole well-optimized Windows 7 Professional (64-bit). The computer in daily work is doing very well, almost instantly responds to user commands. Just mention that the presence of a stronger version differs Core i7-2620M, 8 GB of RAM and the SSD with a capacity of 256 GB.

            Sony, however, be daring. What makes the Vaio Z21 from the competition is the addition of an external docking station. And probably this detail raises the price of the output machine with good few thousand gold. But the idea is so bold and original that you can risk calling a whole as a viable investment.
               External docking station conceals an optical drive (DVD or Blu-ray), additional communication ports and a dedicated graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6650M with dedicated 1 GB of RAM. Thanks to this simple treatment has been achieved so far unprecedented mobility performance compromise. When we need to bring equipment into the field, we hide it in the bag and hardly feel its weight. When you want to play or run more demanding applications, a single cable connect an external docking station. Ingenious in its simplicity.

Material paradise

            Implementation of a new laptop is at a very high level. By combining carbon fiber with magnesium-aluminum alloy, the Sony Vaio Z21 weighs only 1.165 kg. Computer in section 16.65 mm measured at the same time and is one of the slimmest in its class structure. All materials perfectly matched to each other, so that no part will not squeak or disturbingly bends under your fingers. Placed on the screen lid chrome lettering VAIO - sign characteristic of the Japanese giant's mobile computers.

                    Z21 block itself is slightly angular, which refers to the now so fashionable retro style, but it is worth mentioning that the sharp edges of some users may not appeal to. The matt surface casing does not catch fingerprints routinely, making it much easier grooming laptop. The equipment generally looks elegant and stylish, so it will fit both an expensive jacket, as well as the young individualist expression disorder.Colored window to the world
           Sony Vaio Z21 has 13.1-inch screen, which works in the native resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. On the screen you will see enough details, the backlight is even, and correct color reproduction. The panel is also coated with anti-glare, so you will not see here so often encountered "mirror effect". Vaio Z21 is undoubtedly one of the best screens among 13-inch laptops on the market today.
           Unfortunately, it seems unfortunate to be restraining the flap hinge location of the display. On the one hand very well exercise their roles, on the other interfere with decorum rule for the construction of the notebook. When changing the angle of deviation of the matrix, the underside of the device rises slightly up, which looks a bit grotesque. By the way, locked the rear air vent, which in rare cases can lead to excessive heating of the housing.

There is no rose without thorns
        Mounted on a laptop keyboard for ergonomic looks not as good as the MacBook Air. Deserves praise for highlighting the yellow key, which turns on automatically. Was firmly compressed the right Shift key, which almost merges with the arrow buttons. Other plates are deployed in the respective distances, so writing on Z21 does not make much of a problem. The following is a small but pleasant to the touch pad. Thanks to its specific invoice no way confuse it with matt enclosure.

                  The manufacturer promises that the built-in 6-cell battery is enough even for 7 hours of operating time. Achieving such a result is not possible, although more than 5.5 hours of continuous use of computer-enabled wireless network module is not a bad result. If for someone else and so it is not enough that you can easily buy an additional battery allows you to get close to the barrier epic 11 hours.
New Laptop with a different story or advanced ultrabook?
              Sony Vaio Z21 is a high-end laptop that does not necessarily find themselves in the brutal market realities. In our country so expensive machines do not sell too well, though it is clear that they are directed toward a specific type of audience. However, the Vaio Z21 is a laptop recommended for all those who expect the mobile computer compact size while achieving unparalleled performance.

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