Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ultra-Lightweight, super-slim, super-fast and mobile, the Asus Zenbook UX21E

        Although the world premiere Zenbook - ultra-slim Asus new laptop  took place in the first half of October. During these few weeks I had the chance to see him closer. Here are my first impressions.

          It could not be otherwise - the Zenbook evokes the MacBook Air, and Acer S3. If there was not the first could be argued that the computer was modeled on, but Apple's new laptop remove all doubts. Both are strongly inspired ultrabook MacBook Air. What's more, the word "strongly" we should have in this case, capital letters and write glowing letters.

         So where to look for uniqueness the Zenbook? Computers will be available in two variants - 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch. The first is to weigh about 1100 grams, while the greater of 200 grams more, about 1300th That's more than, for example, offers a model of Toshiba Protege Z830, but it is less than many netbook with a capacity ... netbook. However the Zenbook the one hand, measures less than 3mm thick, 17mm to reach the other end. This gives a cross section similar to the triangle side, while Toshiba is closed in a rectangle with bevelled edge.

              Housing Asus almost entirely been built with brushed aluminum. Distinguishable from the rest of the cover decorated with a darker pattern of concentric circles, and black plastic filled under the keys.
Impressions? 13.3-inch diagonal copy, which we managed to have fun while harnessed to work mobile Intel Core i7 family of Sandy Bridge, so hard to talk about his performance. It was the most powerful new laptop in the end of the Asus UX series ultra-mobile.

            Is it because of the placement of components on one side or another, unknown reason the Zenbook does not seem super-lightweight new laptop. Of course it is far to vast NX90, but still looks easier than it actually is.
         Another disadvantage is the sharp edges of the housing. And do not be a matter of metaphor. The outer edges of the casing has been cut at right angles, making the computer shuts down pretty tightly, and then it's hard to open. Simply does not have to expand the part of the flap containing the CPU. At the top of the shell type tab provided, of course, the front of the computer, however, is so thin that it is not about what is "deny". It's a bit cumbersome and one has the impression that this time the so-called "high design" won with practicality.

           Once the flap is open fairly quickly falls into a completely-open position, which in this case means the value of about 135 degrees. But perhaps the fault of the worn copy. On the other hand - "full opening" sets the display at a comfortable angle so that the small defect quickly ceases to disturb.

             Also forgotten about any of perforation, or other form of separate buttons on the trackpad. In this way, gliding your finger across the surface, not looking at her while we are never sure whether you "entered" on the integrated design of the keys. What's wrong with that? Well, sliding your finger across the buttons do not move the cursor. Indicator regain authority over again until crossing the invisible boundary between the keys and trackpad. It was enough to extrude a surface barely perceptible small hump.

      The advantage of the new laptop may be inconspicuous while the ICE sound system from Bang & Olufsen, comfortable keyboard with a low pitch and soft keys and bright display. Not to be underestimated is the stiffness matrix of the frame. The display does not dangerously bends and vibrates when it limp shake. This feature is useful for travel, when we come to work, or even watch your favorite movie in noisy train.

Generally, Zenbook looks good. However, sometimes one gets the impression that the utility lost from the design.

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